Is this you?​

Are you in pain, stiff, losing sleep and feeling run down?

Poor posture? Spending hours in front of the computer?

Have you spent $$$ on treatment and exercise without seeing results?

The Mindful Spine offers a personalised 3 step treatment system for optimum results...​

Why Us?

We are passionate about delivering excellence in patient focused Osteopathic care for all the family. We understand the impact that pain and tension can have on your lifestyle and we are committed to providing effective long-lasting solutions for restoring optimum function for all our patients.

“Structure governs function” is the healing principle of osteopathic medicine. With our extensive training and over 30 Years’ experience, we know how to diagnose the cause of your pain, ease your symptoms and teach you how to maintain your recovery and prevent recurrences by guiding you through Postural Correction and Rehabilitation Pilates Exercises.

We service the Upper and Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West, Greater Sydney Regions and Central Coast.

We enjoy sharing our skills and knowledge with patients. We want you to understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can take an active role in your own health and well-being.

Treatment may benefit:

  • All Back, Neck, Disc & Joint Injuries.
  • Sciatica, Neuralgia, Hip and Knee Pain.
  • Muscular Injuries and Imbalances.
  • Core Stability and Strength.
  • Whiplash, Headaches and Stress.
  • Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow.
  • Ante & Post-Natal Conditions.
  • Bladder and Pelvic Floor Weakness.
  • Poor Posture & Occupational Strain.

Our Adventages

Fully Qualified

Dr Jo Frize is a fully qualified registered Osteopath

Personalized Treatment

Compassionate, caring and professional patient approach

Appointment Reminders

SMS and/or Email sent 48hrs prior to appointment

Rehabilitation Studio

Matwork and equipment programs

Comfortable Clinic

Bright, sunny and welcoming space

Easy Access

Our clinic is accessible by both car and public transport

“Good health is so much more than just fitness” - Improve your health, strength and well-being at The Mindful Spine Clinic.