Did you realise that your posture may be causing you pain?

Is your neck/back sore after spending long hours sitting in front of a screen, especially since COVID?

Do you really know if your posture and/or exercise technique is correct for you?

About our Postural Correction Programs

Good posture is essential for good health and well-being. It is how we position, nourish and use our bodies whilst at work, during exercising, during pregnancy and even when at rest, which determines the stability and strength of our bodies’ systems.

It is the fundamental principal of osteopathic medicine that ‘structure governs our overall function’ so it is vital to be aware of our spine’s alignment and how to position and move it correctly. It is essential to check in on our eating habits and lifestyle choices to ensure we are meeting our bodies’ needs. We are after all an extraordinary design.

Let us guide and support you in journey to best the best version of you can be. We can help you repair, strengthen, lengthen, prevent injury and to feel good.

Re-educate your posture over an 8-week program

Postural re-education programs are available both individually and in small group class settings in a bright welcoming studio, with state of the art balanced body Pilates equipment. You can learn how to re-educate you posture over an 8 week course or in book as you go sessions.  You can join a small group or make up your own group with friends or family and pre-book times to suit you. It’s up to you.

Individual programs can be tailored to strengthen your body for specific sports and occupational needs. Of course the demands of pregnancy, birthing and parenting come with their own unique needs which we can help you with. Pelvic floor need some attention anyone?

Good health is so much more than just fitness. Come and improve your health, strength and well-being at The Mindful Spine Clinic.

30 Day Posture Challenge

Running regularly throughout the year.

“Align to Refine: Osteopathy meets Pilates”

Course includes Masterclasses in correcting posture, improving exercise technique, strengthening spine and core muscle to increase flexibility and optimise overall function.

Look good and feel good too!

Delivered by Dr Josephine Frize, Osteopath and Clinical Pilates for Rehabilitation instructor, with more than 30 years’ experience and expertise.

Send a text to Jo on 0420983274 to receive a call back and book your spot!