What we do

Treatment Programs (see Fees tab for list of treatments, courses and fees)

Treatment can include direct hands on techniques such as mobilisation, massage and manipulation where the therapist does all the work. You can then progress to treatment with active rehabilitation exercises for use both in the studio and for practice at home and at work. The methodology is tailored to each patients individuals needs and is focused on making improvements to lifestyle, well-being and body awareness, not just for symptomatic relief.

You can start with treatment for symptomatic relief and work up to corrective exercise for prevention. It’s up to you how far you would like to take it.

To achieve really long standing changes to your body, you can progress your treatment to the master classes in movement programs. You can learn to re-educate your posture, reset your movement patterns, strengthen your muscles and joints, regain control of your pelvic floor and prevent injury. That’s the ultimate goal.

Our clinic is expanding and we have welcomed the wonderful Dr Lenise Appleyard. This growth allows us to combine the benefit of Chinese medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine with Osteopathic care for total wellbeing.

Dr Frize and Dr Appleyard have worked together for many years in the past and have a long standing professional relationship. We are both thrilled to be back together.

We’re now offering a combination of Osteopathy, Remedial Massage, Clinical Pilates and Posture Programmes mixed with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

We also refer to other trusted allied health professionals in the area when required.