Why Us

The Mindful Spine Clinic

Here at The Mindful Spine our philosophy is that good health is so much more than just fitness. Our bodies are amazing structures. We are all inherently empowered with self- healing and self- regulatory mechanisms, which we just need to learn to use to our best advantage, to ensure optimum health and vitality and we know all about that here. It can really be as simple as Eat well Sleep well Think well and Exercise.

The Mindful Spine was created to provide health care which combines the key principles of Osteopathy, Naturopathy with the rehabilitation and Postural re-education benefits of the core stability Clinical Pilates model. The secret is to know when to mobilise and when to stabilise, what to eat,  and when to rest both the mind and body.

The Mindful Spine combines excellent hands-on Osteopathic treatment with master classes in posture, movement, diet and healthy lifestyle planning. Our goal is to help you enjoy vitality and optimum functioning, whatever your age or level of fitness. Traditional wisdom combined with evidence based medicine is a pretty powerful package.

Late evening appointments available Thursday and Friday. Saturday appointments are available too for your convenience.

Our Philosophy

Good Health is so much more than just Fitness